NAVFOC is a Coalition that focuses primarily on facilitating communication between its member organizations and promoting the events of those various groups. There are, however, some programs which are also sponsored by the Coalition as a whole and not hosted by any single member organization. These programs and our own are listed below.

Mr. Chuck Cunningham with Veteran's Outreach would like to provide the following information to all affiliates:

"WAAY TV Channel 31 is currently working with Complete Dental on what they call: The Million Dollar Grant program for local 501c3 charities. I saw this advertised during a news program, went on their website and applied for the grant by filling out an application and submitted Veterans' Outreach.  The following week, I was contacted by one of their producers who lined up an interview at VO office in Hartselle.  During the interview, they presented us with a grant check, and aired the interview on the 10:00 PM news.

This was not only a good means of supplementing our food bank, but a good way for people to find out about us and the work we do.

The reason I am addressing this, is that there are many of the affiliates to NAVFOC which are charities and would qualify for this grant money.  I would suggest that there be initiated some effort to get the word out to the affiliates so they too can make application and receive grants."

For additional information, please go to:

Thanks for the heads up, Chuck!!

20 In 2

Membership Drive!


The North Alabama Veterans and Fraternal Organizations Coalition (NAVFOC) launched the “20 in 2 ” - New Affiliate Organizations campaign back on March 1, 2016. NAVFOC has been thankful to have Affiliate Organizations that are passionate, committed, and full of zeal in their support of Northern Alabama.


All Coalition Affiliates are encouraged to participate in this grass roots campaign by sharing their individual NAVFOC experiences with their colleagues, community partners, and other similar organizations. The positive impact that the Coalition and Affiliates have had on our communities should not be a secret. Increased participation will lead to even more opportunities for Coalition Affiliates to foster professional growth, expand networking opportunities, and drive change.


The benefits of NAVFOC are well worth sharing with others:


·         Shared Platform: Serves as a venue and communication conduit for affiliate organizations.

·         Information Sharing: Provides affiliate organizations with an opportunity to network, present and share information, and learn about best practices.

·         Advocate: Acts as a common voice for the affiliate organizations on matters of common interest.

·         Reduce Overhead Cost: Coordination and sponsorship of events and activities of interest to the affiliate organizations.

·         Advertisement: Provide information sharing and promotion of affiliates’ information on our website.


The process is as easy as A, B, C! Appeal to community partners, Build relationships, and Connect to member organizations. The 20 in 2 Campaign includes an incentive program for every Affiliate organization in good standing. For every new affiliate organization approved to join, and who pays the annual fee within 10 days of recommendation, the referring Affiliate (in good standing according to our Bylaws) organization will receive a $10 reduction in the cost of their membership renewal. For example, 1 paid new Affiliate organization = $40 renewal fee for next year membership renewal; 2 paid new member organizations results in a $30 renewal fee for next year membership renewal.


Each One - Reach One: We are asking each of you to reach out and recruit at least ONE new affiliate organization. In 2 years, our Coalition will grow by half of our current affiliate organization and it will double in 4 years.


The High Five Club: Can you recruit five or more new affiliate organizations in fiscal year 2016 and become a part of the “High Five Club” and be recognized with a free (wavier) membership renewal in Fiscal Year 2017? We will do the “High Five Club” again in FY 2017 and we will also be waiving the FY 2018 membership fee. Lastly, the highest recruiting affiliate organization (recruiting at minimal 3 new paid affiliate organizations) will be awarded free tickets for two to our NAVFOC Dining In/Out that is currently being planned.



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